Perennials are easy to combine with each other. The right combination of colours, scents, heights and sizes results in the most beautiful pictures. There are combinations to attract butterflies and bees, for example, for splashing summer and waving ornamental grasses.

Combination for attracting bees and butterflies:
Echinacea (Sunflower)
Geranium (Stork Beak)
Sedum (Devil’s spoon)
Lavandula (Lavender)

Combination for splashing summer:
Phlox (Buttercup)
Hemerocallis (Day lily)
Achillea (Yarrow)

Combination of swaying ornamental grasses:
Carex (Common Reed)
Miscanthus (Golden Reed)
Calamagrostis (Common Reed)
Festuca (sheep grass)