When to move it?
The ideal time to move hydrangeas is in March or April. Then there are no leaves on the hydrangea and you can see what you are doing. In addition, there is little chance of frost damage during this period. In March and April, the hydrangea is still at rest and gets the time to repair itself before it starts growing again, because no matter where you put the plant, the roots will be destroyed for the most part.

Transplanting hydrangeas
Follow the steps below if you are transplanting a hydrangea that is growing in the ground.

Dig out the hydrangea. Dig a hole away from the plant; it is not bad if the root ball is about as big as the plant itself.
Dig a new planting hole, which should be about twice as big and twice as deep as the root ball.
Add potting soil and fertiliser when you plant.
And don’t forget to water the moment the plant is back in its new spot.